Family Owned for 8 Generations!

We are a family owned and family run operation, with 3 generations currently participating.  The majority of the work for both “SIGNS” and “WISHES” is done in-house, by home grown artists.  Occasionally, artistic family and friends, from outside the current staff, contribute work to the expanse of offerings.  While we do maintain a small inventory of “off the shelf” gifts for clients with an immediate need, we do not carry any mass produced artwork.

Our sign shop traces its history through 8 generations, to wheelwrights, gilders, and sign shops in the late 1700s. The “Smith Sign Studio” name began in 1928 when Howard F. Smith decided he was ready for self employment. His son, Kent, is the current CEO of the company. Kent expanded the scope to include electrical signs and expanded installation services as well as today’s computerized full color pictorials – But he still prefers the antique arts learned from his father, such as gilding, mirroring, faux finishes, etching, carving, and lettering by hand.

wishesWishes Fulfilled, Gifts ‘N’ Things” is an expansion of these talents into a smaller format.  We create unique gifts, such as cutting boards, decals, figurines, mirrors, etched glass sun catchers, and wrought iron garden stands, as well as hand done needlework, poetry for special occasions, and all types of antique restoration.   In addition to the talents of current participants, we draw on the history of the original “Gifts ‘N’ Things” owned by Kent’s aunts, and on the ample selection of original artwork created by John Findlater, Judi’s father.  We enjoy doing what has never been done before – so if you have a handcrafted “wish” – contact us.


Kent’s wife, Judi, now runs the office.  Their daughter, Audri, and grandson, Blake, help “Granddad” in the shop. Granddaughter Kaesi, the 4th generation for Smith Sign Studio, 8th generation of family gilders, also contributes her creative talents.  With more grandchildren waiting in the wings, continuation seems assured.  Kent’s book “Gold Leaf Techniques” generated many speaking contracts over the last 25 years.  As a result, Kent and Judi have extensive contacts with artists across the continent.  If we do not have the necessary skills to fulfill your wish, we know someone who does.