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Sign Artist Gilding Techniques — Video Instruction

This clear and easy to understand class in gilding is suitable for both beginner and accomplished sign artist. To ensure quality video images and sound, these videos were filmed on a university sound and video stage. Kent Smith of Smith Sign Studio demonstrates a step-by-step process of various gold leaf applications.


Gold Leaf Basics

This 40 minute video is just the basics and is intended for both the beginner and as a refresher for the experienced gilder. This is a must-have video which compliments the latest version of the text “Gold Leaf Techniques” by Kent H. Smith and published by ST Media Group.


Gold Leaf Intermediate/Advanced

60 minutes of specific application methods, this video presents the techniques of oil gilding with loose, roll and patent gold leaf, surface burnishing, embellishing letters and the procedures for gilding various types of signs. The processes are presented in an easy to follow step-by-step method culminating with the gilding of an antique style glue chipped glass letter.





Gold Leaf Techniques By Kent H. Smith goldleaf

The guidebook that has taught thousands has been updated with new materials, techniques, a full-color gallery of gold leaf signs, and a buyer’s guide. The fourth edition still details the art of gilding with step-by-step instructions and more than 170 illustrations, covering both the basics of handling gold leaf as well as advanced techniques and applications. It explains the basic procedures for creating gold leaf window signs — from layout, pounce patterns and gilding, to backing up, finishing and varnishing. Additional chapters show how to gild carved and sandblasted wood, glue-chipped glass, vinyl and more. Antique effects, common gilding problems, their causes, prevention and solutions are also included.

How to Host a Letterhead Meet

This handy booklet written by Judi Smith is a guide manual for hosting a Letterheads meet of any size. The time-tested plans are presented to help hosts be successful and to ensure a good experience for attendees. There are also many ideas to help keep the host from having a meet become a financial burden.


Moore Fun Than Anybody

This booklet by Kent H. Smith is a biographical history of a homesteading ranching family in Colorado. This is a chronicle of Kent’s maternal grandfather’s life as a pioneering rancher, horse breeder and cattleman from 1888 through the farm/ranch depression of the 1920’s.